Does going to IKEA count as a memorable experience?

I only go to IKEA one or two times each year so, for me, it counts as a memorable experience. IKEA also seems to know how to capitalize on the experience economy, offering a cafeteria that opens 30 minutes before the rest of the store. The “Restaurant” serves breakfast for around $1-$3 dollars, and coffee (which is organic) is free before 10 o’clock. While I can’t say the $1 breakfast (scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sausage) was particularly good, the coffee was surprisingly so.

I was there with my dad to deal with a missing part. We sat at a booth by the big windows and watched people in the parking lot heading into the store. Then, while my dad went to deal with Exchanges/Returns, I wandered about. Eventually, we met up and picked out a few extra small things my mom wanted, like dish towels and a wooden spoon. I got a small clip-on light, rather like a very large book light, that I can angle down at what I’m reading at my desk, and a 99c toy rat. I don’t know why I wanted the toy rat. It’s just one of those things. I think I’ll call him Ricky.