Harry Potter & the Cursed Child [review]

29069989The Cursed ChildĀ is probably a really amazing stage production, doesn’t really deserve to be called “the 8th Harry Potter” story, especially as it is not truly written by JKR.

Potter fans should still check it out, because it’s a quick read (being a play) and has some fun and memorable parts; however, if it languishes on the TBR shelf for eternity, you aren’t missing too much.

The book’s shortcomings have already been carefully dissected by many articles and reviews in detail, but the main issue I had with it was simply that the plot seemed too contrived. It reminded me of a type of corny TV episode from the ’80s and ’90s. Using something like flashbacks, a show would rehash all the important moments from the past so the viewer would really get why what was happening was important. These episodes were typically boring, and somewhat insulting to the viewer’s intelligence.

That’s what if felt like the plot was doing: remixing important moments from the book series in a sort of blendy of Potter nostalgia and trying to recreate the excitement of the originals by presenting it through the point of view of a new character (Harry’s son).

It’s definitely not the Harry Potter book we were hoping for, but in the age of the great reboot maybe it’s the Harry Potter book we deserve.