Wet Weather Woes & Wonders

The storm that came through this week kept me from going to work for two days. That’s the trouble with living on the wrong side of the mountains… I felt that, since I was taking a forced vacation, I should do something exciting and vacation-worthy, like try a new restaurant, or go to the theater. On the other hand, I’m feeling very conservative about money at the moment. Last month some car trouble put a load on my credit card of the sort I’ve been careful to avoid for years, and I’m reluctant to spend much of anything until it’s paid off.

In the end I stayed home the whole time. The closest I came to doing something interesting was taking a few macro shots of moss, which was enjoying the weather quite a bit more than I or my soggy dogs.


Types of Moss

This isn’t quite what I had in mind when I set my goal of doing something memorable, different, and/or interesting this week, but it’s the closest I could get without actually going anywhere:    Taking pictures of different types of mosses and lichens in the woods.