Mindfulness: a journal by Catherine Price [review]

A lovely journal with activities and prompts designed to help the writer explore the practice of mindfulness.

Description –¬†Mindfulness: A Journal by Catherine Price is a journal with simple prompts intended to help cultivate mindfulness. There is a 10 page introduction that describes what mindfulness practice is and what its purported benefits are, and gives suggestions on how to best use the journal. The bulk of the journal is composed of blank, lined pages. Each entry is given 1 or two pages of space, and a place to write the date. Some entries are headed by a guided exercise, while others are headed by a quote. Interspersed through these are entry spaces prefaced only by the words “stop breathe & be.” At the back of the journal is a 2-page list of recommended resources, including books, websites, mobile apps, and online courses, and a description of how to do a body scan.

My thoughts – First off, the journal is physically very pleasing. It’s a perfect journal size, and the pages are thick enough that ink shouldn’t show through the other side if you write with a normal ballpoint pen. The binding seems sturdy enough to withstand being cracked open repeatedly, as would be necessary to write in the journal. It does appear to be glued rather than sewn, however, so I can’t say how long it would hold up over time.

Personally, I’m very picky about journals. It’s like a Goldilocks formula – it can’t be too big or too small, and the lines can’t be too dark, too wide, or too narrow. This journal is just about perfect. It’s about 8 inches by 6 inches (approximately 21 x 15 cm), and the lines appear pretty much college ruled. Some pages have gray lines and some have light blue lines.

I liked that the writing prompts strike a nice balance between guided and unguided. Some give specific instructions – for example, do a specific exercise and then write about it – while others offer just a quote or a few lines to think about.

As for the success of the journal in relation to its purpose Рas a tool for developing mindfulness РI think it could be very helpful and effective for people who have not a lot of experience with mindfulness practice and who enjoy journaling. This would make a nice gift for teens or young adults who have expressed an interest in the subject. The tone of the journal is light and fun, and would appeal to those who enjoy reading popular magazines. Those who have some experience with mindfulness practice may find the journal too simplistic and structured, and may do better with a blank journal.

Overall, I think the Mindfulness journal is a great concept and nicely executed. I as said above, it would make a very sweet gift for someone interested in learning about mindfulness.

Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books at no cost in exchange for an honest review.