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Book Review: Brute by Kim Fielding


Title: Brute

Author: Kim Fielding

Edition: ebook

Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Summary: Brute is an ugly giant of a man with a beautiful heart and soul. When his stunted life as an unskilled laborer is interrupted by a clumsy prince, his life is forever changed. I found this to be a well-developed story with endearing characters and a solid plot.

Thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised that the prince was not the love interest in this story – that role falls to a blind prisoner — an accused traitor-witch. I should note that the story has some shortcomings. In places, the plot progresses too quickly, and the reader is simply told that such-and-such has occurred. This is most noticeable in the development of the relationship between Brute and Gray, which would have benefitted from a bit more transition between cautious strangers and full-blown love. However, it’s such an original story, with such amazing characters and a gripping plot, that I had to give it four stars (especially since it made me cry, which = +1 stars). I’m especially impressed with how well the author presented a complete, well-developed fantasy world to the reader without boring the reader with tedious world-building. The reader is given glimpses of a complex and detailed setting without becoming distracted from the main characters.

Highly recommended to fans of m/m with unusual characters and an original storyline.


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